Chapter 47.52 RCW



HTMLPDF 47.52.001Declaration of policy.
HTMLPDF 47.52.010"Limited access facility" defined.
HTMLPDF 47.52.011"Existing highway" defined.
HTMLPDF 47.52.020Powers of highway authoritiesState facility, county road crossings.
HTMLPDF 47.52.025Additional powersControlling use of limited access facilitiesHigh occupancy vehicle lanesDefinition.
HTMLPDF 47.52.026RulesControl of vehicles enteringRamp closure, metering, or restrictionsNotice.
HTMLPDF 47.52.027Standards and rules for interstate and defense highwaysConstruction, maintenance, access.
HTMLPDF 47.52.040DesignEntrance and exit restrictedClosure of intersecting roads.
HTMLPDF 47.52.041Closure of intersecting roadsRights of abutters.
HTMLPDF 47.52.042Closure of intersecting roadsOther provisions not affected.
HTMLPDF 47.52.050Acquisition of property.
HTMLPDF 47.52.060Court process expedited.
HTMLPDF 47.52.070Establishment of facilityGrade separationService roads.
HTMLPDF 47.52.080Abutter's right of access protectedCompensation.
HTMLPDF 47.52.090Cooperative agreementsUrban public transportation systemsTitle to highwayTraffic regulationsUnderground utilities and overcrossingsPassenger transportationStorm sewersCity street crossings.
HTMLPDF 47.52.100Existing roads and streets as service roads.
HTMLPDF 47.52.105Acquisition and construction to preserve limited access or reduce required compensation.
HTMLPDF 47.52.110Marking of facility with signs.
HTMLPDF 47.52.120Violations specifiedExceptionsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 47.52.121Prior determinations validated.
HTMLPDF 47.52.131Consideration of local conditionsReport to local authoritiesConferencesProposed plan.
HTMLPDF 47.52.133Local public hearingNotice.
HTMLPDF 47.52.134When access reports and hearings not required.
HTMLPDF 47.52.135Hearing procedure.
HTMLPDF 47.52.137Adoption of planService of findings and orderPublication of resumeFinalityReview.
HTMLPDF 47.52.139Local approval of planDisapproval, request for review.
HTMLPDF 47.52.145Modification of adopted plan without further public hearingsConditions.
HTMLPDF 47.52.150State facility through city or townBoard of review, composition and appointment.
HTMLPDF 47.52.160State facility through city or townHearingNoticeEvidenceDetermination of issues.
HTMLPDF 47.52.170State facility through city or townHearingProcedure.
HTMLPDF 47.52.180State facility through city or townHearingFindings of boardModification of proposed plan by stipulation.
HTMLPDF 47.52.190State facility through city or townHearingAssistantsCostsReporter.
HTMLPDF 47.52.195Review and appeal on petition of abutter.
HTMLPDF 47.52.200Law enforcement jurisdiction within city or town.
HTMLPDF 47.52.210Property title designation upon construction of limited access highways.
HTMLPDF 47.52.220Personal wireless service facilitiesApproach permitReport.


Description, plans of highways, filing: RCW 47.28.025, 47.28.026.
Port districts, toll facilities: Chapter 53.34 RCW.
Speed limits on limited access facilities: RCW 46.61.430.