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Mental illnessTreatment costsDetermination of ability to payStandardsRules and regulations.

The department is authorized to investigate the financial condition of each person liable under the provisions of RCW 43.20B.355 and 43.20B.325 through 43.20B.350, and is further authorized to make determinations of the ability of each such person to pay hospitalization charges and/or charges for outpatient services, in accordance with the provisions of RCW 43.20B.355 and 43.20B.325 through 43.20B.350, and, for such purposes, to set a standard as a basis of judgment of ability to pay, which standard shall be recomputed periodically to reflect changes in the costs of living, and other pertinent factors, and to make provisions for unusual and exceptional circumstances in the application of such standard. Such factors and circumstances shall include judgments owed by the person to any victim of an act that would have resulted in criminal conviction of the patient but for a finding of criminal insanity. A victim shall include a personal representative of an estate who has obtained judgment for wrongful death against the criminally insane patient.
In accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act, chapter 34.05 RCW, the department shall adopt appropriate rules and regulations relating to the standards to be applied in determining ability to pay such charges, the schedule of charges pursuant to RCW 43.20B.325, and such other rules and regulations as are deemed necessary to administer the provisions of RCW 43.20B.355 and 43.20B.325 through 43.20B.350.


FindingsPurpose1996 c 125: "The legislature finds that laws and regulations relating to the rights of the state to collection from criminally insane patients for cost of their hospitalization are in need of clarification. The legislature previously directed the department of social and health services to set standards regarding ability of such patients to pay that would include pertinent factors, as well as unusual and exceptional circumstances. The legislature finds that the regulations established by the department fail to take into account a factor and circumstance that should be paramount: Compensation owed by the patient to victims of his or her criminally insane conduct. The state public policy recognizes the due dignity and respect to be accorded victims of crime and the need for victims to be compensated, as set forth in Article I, section 35 of the state Constitution and in chapter 7.68 RCW. The legislature did not intend, in enacting RCW 43.20B.320, that the department attempt to obtain funds for hospitalization of criminally insane patients that would otherwise have compensated the victims of the patient. The purpose of chapter 125, Laws of 1996 is to clarify legislative intent and existing law." [ 1996 c 125 § 1.]
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