Chapter 43.20B RCW



HTMLPDF 43.20B.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.020Fees for servicesDepartment of health and department of social and health services.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.030Overpayments and debts due the departmentTime limitWrite-offs and compromisesWaivers.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.040Chapter does not apply where another party liableStatement of lienForm.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.050LiensCompromiseSettlement or judgment.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.060Reimbursement for medical care or residential careLienSubrogationDelegation of lien and subrogation rights.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.070Torts committed against recipients of state assistanceDuties of attorney representing recipientTrust account for departmental lien.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.080Recovery for paid medical assistanceRulesDisclosure of estate recovery costs, terms, and conditions.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.090Recovery for paid medical assistance and state-funded long-term careLegislative intentLegislative confirmation of effect of 1994 c 21.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.095Establishment and recovery of debts for the department of children, youth, and families.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.110License fees to be charged by secretaryWaiverReview and comment.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.120Funeral assistanceLien against assets.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.310Residential care payments by families, when not collected.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.320Mental illnessTreatment costsCriminally insaneLiability.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.325Mental illnessHospitalization chargesHow computed.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.330Mental illnessTreatment costsLiability.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.335Mental illnessTreatment costsDetermination of ability to payStandardsRules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.340Mental illnessTreatment costsNotice and finding of responsibilityPeriodAdjudicative proceedings.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.345Mental illnessTreatment costsJudgment for accrued amounts.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.347Mental illnessTreatment costsLien against real and personal property.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.350Mental illnessTreatment costsModification or vacation of findings of responsibility.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.355Mental illnessHospitalization chargesDue dateCollection.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.360Mental illnessHospitalization chargesCollectionStatutes of limitation.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.370Mental illnessHospitalization chargesCollectionProsecuting attorneys to assist.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.410Residential habilitation centersLiability for costs of servicesDeclaration of purpose.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.415State residential schoolsLiability for costs of servicesLimitation.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.420Residential habilitation centersDetermination of costs of servicesEstablishment of ratesCollection.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.425Residential habilitation centersCosts of servicesInvestigation and determination of ability to payExemptions.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.430Residential habilitation centersCosts of servicesInitial notice and finding of responsibilityServiceAdjudicative proceeding.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.435State residential habilitation centersCosts of servicesModification or vacation of initial finding of responsibility.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.440Residential habilitation centersCosts of servicesCharges payable in advance.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.445Residential habilitation centersCosts of servicesReimbursement from property subsequently acquiredPlacement outside schoolLiability after death of resident.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.450State residential habilitation centersCosts of servicesLiabilities created apply to care, support, and treatment after July 1, 1967.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.455Residential habilitation centersCosts of servicesDiscretionary allowance in resident's fund.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.460Guardianship fees and additional costs for incapacitated clients paying part of costsMaximum amountRules.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.620Overpayments of assistanceLien against recipient's propertyRecovery methods.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.630Overpayments of assistanceProceduresAdjudicative proceeding.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.635Overpayments of assistanceOrders to withhold property of debtorProcedures.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.640Overpayments of assistanceFailure to withhold property of debtor.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.645Overpayments of assistanceAssignment of earnings.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.660Improper realty transferSuit to rescindRecovery from recipient's estate.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.670Excess property assistance programLienDepartment as creditor.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.675Vendor overpaymentsGoods or services provided on or after July 1, 1998NoticeAdjudicative proceedingEnforcementCollectionRules.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.680Vendor overpaymentsLien or other securitySetoff or recoupmentException.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.685Vendor overpaymentsLiensDurationEnforcement.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.688Limitation on actions to enforce vendor overpayment debts.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.690Vendor overpaymentsRemedies nonexclusive.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.695Vendor overpaymentsInterestExceptions.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.710Medical assistanceImproper transfer or assignment of resourcesPenaltyPresumption, rebuttalAttorney's fees.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.720Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensationSubrogation rights of departmentLienWithhold and deliver notice.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.730Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensationEffective date of lien and noticeService.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.735Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensationDuty to withhold and deliverAmount.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.740Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensationAdjudicative proceedingCollection pending final order.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.745Recipient receiving industrial insurance compensationApplication.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.750Recipients holding title to real property or purchasing under land sales contractsRecording request for notice or termination or request for notice of transfer or encumbrance of propertyNotice and hearingRules.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.900Savings1987 c 75.
HTMLPDF 43.20B.902ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.