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Local governmentsUse of credit cards.

(1) Local governments, including counties, cities, towns, special purpose districts, municipal and quasi-municipal corporations, and political subdivisions, are authorized to use credit cards for official government purchases and acquisitions.
(2) A local government may contract for issuance of the credit cards.
(3) The legislative body shall adopt a system for:
(a) The distribution of the credit cards;
(b) The authorization and control of the use of credit card funds;
(c) The credit limits available on the credit cards;
(d) Payment of the bills; and
(e) Any other rule necessary to implement or administer the system under this section.
(4) As used in this section, "credit card" means a card or device issued under an arrangement pursuant to which the issuer gives to a cardholder the privilege of obtaining credit from the issuer.
(5) Any credit card system adopted under this section is subject to examination by the state auditor's office pursuant to chapter 43.09 RCW.
(6) Cash advances on credit cards are prohibited.
[ 1995 c 30 § 2. Formerly RCW 39.58.180.]


Findings1995 c 30: "The legislature finds that (1) the use of credit cards is a customary and economical business practice to improve cash management, reduce costs, and increase efficiency; and (2) local governments should consider and use credit cards when appropriate." [ 1995 c 30 § 1.]
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