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Local government accountingAnnual reportsComparative statistics.

*** CHANGE IN 2020 *** (SEE 2588-S.SL) ***
The state auditor shall require from every local government financial reports covering the full period of each fiscal year, in accordance with the forms and methods prescribed by the state auditor, which shall be uniform for all accounts of the same class.
Such reports shall be prepared, certified, and filed with the state auditor within one hundred fifty days after the close of each fiscal year.
The reports shall contain accurate statements, in summarized form, of all collections made, or receipts received, by the officers from all sources; all accounts due the public treasury, but not collected; and all expenditures for every purpose, and by what authority authorized; and also: (1) A statement of all costs of ownership and operation, and of all income, of each and every public service industry owned and operated by a local government; (2) a statement of the entire public debt of every local government, to which power has been delegated by the state to create a public debt, showing the purpose for which each item of the debt was created, and the provisions made for the payment thereof; (3) a classified statement of all receipts and expenditures by any public institution; and (4) a statement of all expenditures for labor relations consultants, with the identification of each consultant, compensation, and the terms and conditions of each agreement or arrangement; together with such other information as may be required by the state auditor.
The reports shall be certified as to their correctness by the state auditor, the state auditor's deputies, or other person legally authorized to make such certification.
Their substance shall be published in an annual volume of comparative statistics at the expense of the state as a public document.


FindingPurpose1993 c 18: "The legislature finds and declares that the use of outside consultants is an increasing element in public sector labor relations. The public has a right to be kept informed about the role of outside consultants in public sector labor relations. The purpose of this act is to help ensure that public information is available." [ 1993 c 18 § 1.]
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