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Flexible-time work schedules.

(1) The legislature finds that flexible-time work schedules, which provide varying times for employees to arrive at and depart from work, tend to alleviate traffic congestion during peak rush hour periods and thereby reduce hazardous traffic conditions; provide more efficient use of highways and other transit facilities; and decrease fuel consumption. In addition, the legislature finds that flexible-time work schedules provide families in which both parents work outside of the home with the flexibility necessary to provide for day care; provide employees with flexibility allowing them to spend more time with their families; improve employee morale and, in-so-doing, improve productivity. Therefore, due to the clear advantages to both agencies and employees, the legislature finds that flexible-time work schedules should be utilized by agencies to the maximum extent possible.
(2) As used in this section, "flexible-time work schedule" means a daily work schedule which contains a core time of required hours during which an employee subject to the schedule is required to be present for work and designated hours before or after the core time during which an employee, with the approval of his or her agency, may elect a time of arrival to work and departure from work.
(3) Each agency shall prepare a flexible-time work schedule or schedules and shall offer the schedule or schedules to employees as an option to the traditional eight o'clock a.m. to five o'clock p.m. working day. However, an agency shall not be required to prepare or offer a flexible-time work schedule or schedules if the agency head determines that the implementation of such a schedule would serve as an impediment to the provision of services to the public or would in any other way impede the agency in accomplishing its mission.
(4) Any employee wishing to use a flexible-time work schedule prepared under subsection (3) of this section must first obtain the permission of the agency head or the agency head's designee. However, if there is an employee organization certified as an exclusive bargaining representative for a bargaining unit affected by the flexible-time work schedule, the agency shall first negotiate with the certified employee organization.
(5) Nothing in this section affects official hours during which state offices are required to be open for the transaction of business, as prescribed in RCW 42.04.060.
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