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When any bid has been accepted, the agency may require of the successful bidder a bond payable to the state in such amount with such surety or sureties as determined by the agency, conditioned that he or she will fully, faithfully, and accurately perform the terms of the contract into which he or she has entered. Bidders who regularly do business with the state shall be permitted to file with the agency an annual performance bond in an amount established by the agency and such annual bond shall be acceptable as surety in lieu of furnishing individual bonds. The agency may also require bidders to provide bid bonds conditioned that if a bidder is awarded the contract the bidder will enter into and execute the contract, protest bonds, or other bonds the agency deems necessary. Agencies must adhere to the policies developed by the department regarding the use of protest bonds. All bonds must be filed with the agency on a form acceptable to the agency. Any surety issuing a bond must meet the qualification requirements established by the agency.
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