Chapter 39.26 RCW



39.26.020Ethics in public contracting.
39.26.030State procurement recordsDisclosure.
39.26.040Prohibition on certain contracts.
39.26.050Provision of goods and services.
39.26.060Cooperative purchasing.
39.26.070Convenience contracts.
39.26.080Procurement policyDirector's responsibility and authorityMaster contracts.
39.26.090Director's duties and responsibilitiesRules.
39.26.102ExemptionDepartment of corrections.
39.26.120Competitive solicitation.
39.26.125Competitive solicitationExceptions.
39.26.130Emergency purchases.
39.26.140Sole source contracts.
39.26.150Public noticePosting on enterprise vendor registration and bid notification system.
39.26.160Bid awardsConsiderationsRequirements and criteria to be set forthNegotiationsUse of enterprise vendor registration and bid notification system.
39.26.180Contract management.
39.26.200Authority to fine or debar.
39.26.210List of agency contractsContract audits.
39.26.220Contract audit and investigative findings, enforcement actions, and status of agency resolutionReport.
39.26.230Purchases from entities serving or providing opportunities through community rehabilitation programs.
39.26.235Purchase of wireless devices or services.
39.26.240Awards of procurement contracts to veteran-owned businesses.
39.26.245Awards of procurement contracts to office of minority and women's business enterprises.
39.26.250PreferencesPurchase of goods and services from inmate work programs.
39.26.251Purchase of articles or products from inmate work programsReplacement of goods and services obtained from outside the stateRules.
39.26.255PreferencesPurchase of products containing recycled materialDirectory of suppliersRules.
39.26.260PreferencesIn-state procurement.
39.26.265PreferencesPurchase of electronic products meeting environmental performance standardsRequirements for surplus electronic products.
39.26.270List of statutes and regulations of each state that grants preference to in-state vendors.
39.26.271Rules for reciprocity in bidding.
39.26.280PreferenceProducts and products in packaging that does not contain polychlorinated biphenylsLimitationsProducts and products in packaging containing polychlorinated biphenyls.
39.26.285Purchases of goods and services from nonprofit agencies for the blind.
39.26.290Tests and data of products procured.
39.26.300Purchase of spoken language interpreter servicesWhen authorizedRequirements.
39.26.310Purchasing and procurement policiesProducts containing hydrofluorocarbonsReport to the legislature.
39.26.320Contracting for servicesEmployees in classified serviceProcedures and criteria.
39.26.330Postconsumer recycled content in plastic trash bagsPurchasing priority.
39.26.340Data-sharing agreementsWhen required.
39.26.900Effective date2012 c 224.