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Out-of-state bank with host branchesRelocation of head officeReincorporationApplicationDirector's approval required.

An out-of-state bank with host branches in this state may relocate its head office in Washington and reincorporate as a Washington state bank if the director finds that the bank meets the standards as to capital structures, operations, business experience, and character of officers and directors, and the bank follows the procedures specified in this section.
The bank shall file with the director on a form prescribed by the director, an application to relocate its head office to Washington. Within six months upon acceptance of a complete application, the director shall notify the bank to file, in triplicate, an executed and acknowledged certificate of reincorporation signed by a majority of the entire board of directors that at least two-thirds of each class of voting stock of the bank entitled to vote thereon has approved the: (1) Head office relocation; (2) change to a Washington state bank; and (3) new articles of incorporation.
Within thirty days after receipt of the certificate and articles, the director shall endorse upon each of the triplicate copies, over the director's official signature, the word "approved" or the word "refused," with the date of the endorsement. In case of refusal the director shall immediately return one of the triplicates, so endorsed, together with a statement explaining the reason for refusal to the bank from whom the certificate and articles were received. The refusal shall be conclusive, unless the bank, within ten days of the issuance of the notice of refusal, requests a hearing under chapter 34.05 RCW.
[ 1996 c 2 § 12. Formerly RCW 30.38.020.]
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