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Authority to withhold paymentVulnerable adults.

(1) Nothing contained in this chapter shall be deemed to require any financial institution to make any payment from an account to a depositor, or any trust or P.O.D. account beneficiary, or any other person claiming an interest in any funds deposited in the account, if the financial institution has actual knowledge of the existence of a dispute between the depositors, beneficiaries, or other persons concerning their respective rights of ownerships to the funds contained in, or proposed to be withdrawn, or previously withdrawn from the account, or in the event the financial institution is otherwise uncertain as to who is entitled to the funds pursuant to the contract of deposit. In any such case, the financial institution may, without liability, notify, in writing, all depositors, beneficiaries, or other persons claiming an interest in the account of either its uncertainty as to who is entitled to the distributions or the existence of any dispute, and may also, without liability, refuse to disburse any funds contained in the account to any depositor, and/or trust or P.O.D. account beneficiary thereof, and/or other persons claiming an interest therein, until such time as either:
(a) All such depositors and/or beneficiaries have consented, in writing, to the requested payment; or
(b) The payment is authorized or directed by a court of proper jurisdiction.
(2) If a financial institution reasonably believes that financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, as defined in RCW 74.34.020, may have occurred, may have been attempted, or is being attempted, the financial institution may refuse a transaction as permitted under RCW 74.34.215.
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