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Payment to heirs and creditors of a deceased depositor.

In each case, where it is provided in RCW 30A.22.180 that a financial institution may make payment of funds deposited in an account to the personal representative of the estate of a deceased depositor or beneficiary, the financial institution may make payment of the funds to the following persons under the circumstances provided:
(1) In those instances where the deceased depositor left a surviving spouse, and the deceased depositor and the surviving spouse shall have executed a community property agreement which by its terms would include funds of the deceased depositor remaining in the account, a financial institution may make payment of all funds in the name of the deceased spouse to the surviving spouse upon receipt of a certified copy of the community property agreement as recorded in the office of a county auditor of the state and an affidavit of the surviving spouse that the community property agreement was validly executed and in full force and effect upon the death of the depositor.
(2) In those instances where the balance of the funds in the name of a deceased depositor does not exceed two thousand five hundred dollars, payment of the decedent's funds remaining in the account may be made to the surviving spouse, next of kin, funeral director, or other creditor who may appear to be entitled thereto upon receipt of proof of death and an affidavit to the effect that no personal representative has been appointed for the deceased depositor's estate. As a condition to the payment, a financial institution may require such waivers, indemnity, receipts, and acquittance and additional proofs as it may consider proper.
(3) In those instances where the person entitled presents an affidavit which meets the requirements of chapter 11.62 RCW.
A person receiving a payment from a financial institution pursuant to subsections (2) and (3) of this section is answerable and accountable therefor to any personal representative of the deceased depositor's estate wherever and whenever appointed.
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