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Right to rely on form of accountDischarge of financial institutions.

In making payments of funds deposited in an account, a financial institution may rely conclusively and entirely upon the form of the account and the terms of the contract of deposit at the time the payments are made. A financial institution is not required to inquire as to either the source or the ownership of any funds received for deposit to an account, or to the proposed application of any payments made from an account. Unless a financial institution has actual knowledge of the existence of dispute between depositors, beneficiaries, or other persons claiming an interest in funds deposited in an account, all payments made by a financial institution from an account at the request of any depositor to the account and/or the agent of any depositor to the account in accordance with this section and RCW 30A.22.140, 30A.22.150, 30A.22.160, 30A.22.170, 30A.22.180, 30A.22.190, 30A.22.200, and 30A.22.220 shall constitute a complete release and discharge of the financial institution from all claims for the amounts so paid regardless of whether or not the payment is consistent with the actual ownership of the funds deposited in an account by a depositor and/or the actual ownership of the funds as between depositors and/or the beneficiaries of P.O.D. and trust accounts, and/or their heirs, successors, personal representatives, and assigns.
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