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Controversies between owners.

*RCW 30.22.090 and 30.22.100 are intended to establish ownership of funds on deposit in the accounts stated, as between depositors and/or trust or P.O.D. account beneficiaries, and the provisions thereof are relevant only as to controversies between such persons and their creditors, and other successors, and have no bearing on the power of any person to receive payment of funds maintained in the accounts or the right of a financial institution to make payments to any person as provided by the terms of the contract of deposit.
[ 1981 c 192 s 11. Formerly RCW 30.22.110.]


*Reviser's note: RCW 30.22.090 and 30.22.100 were recodified as RCW 30A.22.090 and 30A.22.100, respectively, pursuant to 2014 c 37 s 4, effective January 5, 2015.
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