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Electronic voting devices—Record maintenance.

(1) The electronic record produced and counted by electronic voting devices is the official record of each vote for election purposes. The paper record produced under RCW 29A.12.085 must be stored and maintained for use only in the following circumstances:
(a) In the event of a manual recount;
(b) By order of the county canvassing board;
(c) By order of a court of competent jurisdiction; or
(d) For use in the random audit of results described in RCW 29A.60.185.
(2) When such paper record is used in any of the circumstances listed in subsection (1) of this section, it shall be the official record of the election.


Required: RCW 29A.12.085.
Unauthorized removal of paper record from voting center: RCW 29A.84.545.
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