Chapter 29A.60 RCW



29A.60.010Conduct of electionsCanvass.
29A.60.021Write-in votingDeclaration of candidacyCounting of vote.
29A.60.040Rejection of ballots or partsWrite-in votes.
29A.60.050Questions on validity of ballotRejectionPreservation and return.
29A.60.060Results after close of voting.
29A.60.070Returns, precinct and cumulativeDelivery.
29A.60.090Voting systemsMaintenance of documents.
29A.60.095Electronic voting devicesRecord maintenance.
29A.60.100Votes by stickers, printed labels, rejected.
29A.60.110Ballot containers, sealing, opening.
29A.60.120Counting ballotsOfficial returns.
29A.60.125Damaged ballots.
29A.60.130Certificate not withheld for informality in returns.
29A.60.140Canvassing boardMembershipAuthorityDelegation of authorityRule making.
29A.60.150Procedure when member a candidate.
29A.60.160BallotsProcessing, canvassing.
29A.60.165Unsigned ballot declarations.
29A.60.170List of observersCounting center, direction and observation of proceedingsRandom check of counting equipmentReport.
29A.60.180Credit for voting.
29A.60.185Audit of results.
29A.60.190Certification of election results.
29A.60.195Provisional ballotsDisposition.
29A.60.200Canvassing boardCanvassing procedurePenalty.
29A.60.221Tie in primary or final election.
29A.60.230Abstract by election officerTransmittal to secretary of state.
29A.60.235Reconciliation reports.
29A.60.240Secretary of statePrimary returnsState offices, etc.
29A.60.250Secretary of stateFinal returnsScope.
29A.60.260Canvass on statewide measures.
29A.60.270Local officers, beginning of termsOrganization of district boards of directors.
29A.60.280Local elected officials, commencement of term of officePurpose.
29A.60.290Statewide election data and reporting standardsSecretary of state to develop, make rules.
29A.60.300Statewide survey of voted ballot rejection rates and reasons for rejectionsSecretary of state to conduct and publish.