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Each member of the board of directors of a school district may receive compensation of fifty dollars per day or portion thereof for attending board meetings and for performing other services on behalf of the school district, not to exceed four thousand eight hundred dollars per year, if the district board of directors has authorized by board resolution, at a regularly scheduled meeting, the provision of such compensation. A board of directors of a school district may authorize such compensation only from locally collected excess levy funds available for that purpose, and compensation for board members shall not cause the state to incur any present or future funding obligation.
Any director may waive all or any portion of his or her compensation under this section as to any month or months during his or her term of office, by a written waiver filed with the district as provided in this section. The waiver, to be effective, must be filed any time after the director's election and before the date on which the compensation would otherwise be paid. The waiver shall specify the month or period of months for which it is made.
The compensation provided in this section shall be in addition to any reimbursement for expenses paid to such directors by the school district.


Intent1987 c 307: "The legislature declares it is the policy of the state to:
(1) Ensure, for the sake of educational excellence, that the electorate has the broadest possible field in which to choose qualified candidates for its school boards;
(2) Ensure that the opportunity to serve on school boards be open to all, regardless of financial circumstances; and
(3) Ensure that the time-consuming and demanding service as directors not be limited to those able or willing to make substantial personal and financial sacrifices." [ 1987 c 307 s 1.]
Effective date1987 c 307: "This act shall take effect on September 1, 1987." [ 1987 c 307 s 3.]
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