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Vacant school plant facilitiesLease by contiguous districtEligibility for funding assistance.

School districts shall be required to lease for a reasonable fee vacant school plant facilities from a contiguous school district wherever possible.
No school district with unhoused students may be eligible for state funding assistance for the construction of school plant facilities if:
(1) The school district contiguous to the school district applying for the state funding assistance percentage has vacant school plant facilities;
(2) The superintendent of public instruction has determined the vacant school plant facilities available in the contiguous district will fulfill the needs of the applicant district in housing unhoused students. In determining whether the contiguous district school plant facilities meet the needs of the applicant district, consideration shall be given, but not limited to the geographic location of the vacant facilities as they relate to the applicant district; and
(3) A lease of the vacant school plant facilities can be negotiated.


Intent2009 c 129: "The intent of this act is to adopt more accurate and descriptive names for the components of the state funding formula for the allotment of appropriations for school plant facilities, as recommended by the joint legislative task force on school construction funding, to promote clarity and transparency in the funding formula. It is not the intent of this act to make substantive changes to the funding formula or policies." [ 2009 c 129 s 1.]
FindingsPurposePart headings not law2006 c 263: See notes following RCW 28A.150.230.
Surplus school property: RCW 28A.335.040 through 28A.335.080.
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