Chapter 28A.335 RCW



28A.335.010School buildings, maintenance, furnishing, and insuringSchool building security.
28A.335.020School closuresPolicy of citizen involvement requiredSummary of effectsHearingsNotice.
28A.335.030Emergency school closures exempt from RCW 28A.335.020.
28A.335.040Surplus school property, rental, lease, or use ofAuthorizedLimitations.
28A.335.050Surplus school property, rental, lease, or use ofJoint useCompensationConditions generally.
28A.335.060Surplus school propertyRental, lease, or use ofDisposition of moneys received from.
28A.335.070Surplus school property, rental, lease, or use ofExisting contracts not impaired.
28A.335.080Surplus school property, rental, lease, or use ofCommunity use not impaired.
28A.335.090Conveyance and acquisition of propertyManagementAppraisal.
28A.335.100School district associations' right to mortgage or convey money security interest in association propertyLimitations.
28A.335.110Real propertyAnnexation to city or town.
28A.335.120Real propertySaleNotice and hearingAppraisalBroker or real estate appraiser servicesReal estate sales contractsLimitation.
28A.335.130Real propertySaleUse of proceeds.
28A.335.140Expenditure of funds on county, city building authorizedConditions.
28A.335.150Permitting use and rental of playgrounds, athletic fields or athletic facilities.
28A.335.155Use of buildings for youth programsLimited immunity.
28A.335.160Joint educational facilitiesRules.
28A.335.170Contracts to lease building space and portable buildings, rent or have maintained security systems, computers, and other equipment, and provide pupil transportation services.
28A.335.180Surplus texts and other educational aids, notice of availabilityStudent priority as to texts.
28A.335.190Advertising for bidsCompetitive bid proceduresPurchases from inmate work programsTelephone or written quotation solicitation, limitationsEmergencies.
28A.335.200Conditional sales contracts for acquisition of property or property rights.
28A.335.205Assistive devicesTransfer for benefit of children with disabilitiesRecord, inventory.
28A.335.210Purchase of works of artProcedure.
28A.335.220Eminent domain.
28A.335.230Vacant school plant facilitiesLease by contiguous districtEligibility for funding assistance.
28A.335.240Schoolhouses, teachers' cottagesPurchase of realty for district purposes.
28A.335.250School property used for public purposes.
28A.335.260School property used for public purposesCommunity buildings.
28A.335.270School property used for public purposesSpecial state commission to pass on plans.
28A.335.280School property used for public purposesLimit on expenditures.
28A.335.290Housing for superintendentAuthorizedLimitation.
28A.335.300Playground matting.
28A.335.320Enhanced 911 serviceCommon and public school service required.
28A.335.330Chapter not applicable to certain transfers of property.
28A.335.340Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.


Chapter not to apply to certain materials printed in school districts: RCW 82.04.600.
Contracts with community service organizations for public improvements: RCW 35.21.278.
Determination if lands purchased or leased by school districts are used as school sitesReversion: RCW 79.17.140.
Dissolution of inactive port districts, assets to school districts: RCW 53.47.040.
Interlocal cooperation act: Chapter 39.34 RCW.
School districts, purchase of leased lands with improvements: RCW 79.17.110 through 79.17.130.
Subcontractors to be identified by bidder, when: RCW 39.30.060.