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Surplus school propertyRental, lease, or use ofDisposition of moneys received from.

Each school district's board of directors shall deposit moneys derived from the lease, rental, or occasional use of surplus school property as follows:
(1) Moneys derived from real property shall be deposited into the district's debt service fund and/or capital projects fund, except for:
(a) Moneys required to be expended for general maintenance, utility, insurance costs, and any other costs associated with the lease or rental of such property, which moneys shall be deposited in the district's general fund; or
(b) At the option of the board of directors, after evaluating the sufficiency of the school district's capital projects fund for purposes of meeting demands for new construction and improvements, moneys derived from the lease or rental of real property may be deposited into the district's general fund to be used exclusively for nonrecurring costs related to operating school facilities, including but not limited to expenses for maintenance;
(2) Moneys derived from pupil transportation vehicles shall be deposited in the district's transportation vehicle fund;
(3) Moneys derived from other personal property shall be deposited in the district's general fund.


ApplicationEffective dateSeverability1983 c 59: See notes following RCW 28A.505.010.
Effective date1982 c 191 §§ 3 and 4: See note following RCW 28A.335.170.
Severability1982 c 191: See note following RCW 28A.335.210.
Effective date1981 c 250: "The effective date of this amendatory act shall be September 1, 1981." [ 1981 c 250 § 5.]
Severability1980 c 115: See note following RCW 28A.335.090.
School district funds: RCW 28A.320.330.
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