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Visual and auditory screening of pupilsRules.

Every board of school directors shall have the power, and it shall be its duty to provide for and require screening for the visual and auditory acuity of all children attending schools in their districts to ascertain which if any of such children have defects sufficient to retard them in their studies. Visual screening shall include both distance and near vision screening. Auditory and visual screening shall be made in accordance with procedures and standards adopted by rule of the state board of health. Prior to the adoption or revision of such rules the state board of health shall seek the recommendations of the superintendent of public instruction regarding the administration of visual and auditory screening and the qualifications of persons competent to administer such screening. Persons performing visual screening may include, but are not limited to, ophthalmologists, optometrists, or opticians who donate their professional services to schools or school districts. If a vision professional who donates his or her services identifies a vision defect sufficient to affect a student's learning, the vision professional must notify the school nurse and/or the school principal in writing and may not contact the student's parents or guardians directly. A school official shall inform parents or guardians of students in writing that a visual examination was recommended, but may not communicate the name or contact information of the vision professional conducting the screening.
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