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Articles of dissolutionPublication of notice.

(1) At any time after dissolution is authorized under RCW 23B.14.010 or 23B.14.020, the corporation may dissolve by delivering to the secretary of state for filing:
(a) A copy of a revenue clearance certificate issued pursuant to RCW 82.32.260; and
(b) Articles of dissolution setting forth:
(i) The name of the corporation;
(ii) The date dissolution was approved; and
(iii) A statement that dissolution was duly approved by the initial directors, the incorporators, or the board of directors in accordance with RCW 23B.14.010, or was duly proposed by the board of directors and approved by the shareholders in accordance with RCW 23B.14.020.
(2) A corporation is dissolved upon the effective date of its articles of dissolution.
(3) A dissolved corporation shall, within thirty days after the effective date of its articles of dissolution, publish notice of its dissolution and request that persons with claims against the dissolved corporation present them in accordance with the notice. The notice must be published once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the dissolved corporation's principal office (or, if none in this state, its registered office) is or was last located. The notice must also describe the information that must be included in a claim, provide a mailing address where a claim may be sent, and state that claims against the dissolved corporation may be barred in accordance with the provisions of this chapter if not timely asserted. A dissolved corporation's failure to publish notice in accordance with this subsection does not affect the validity or the effective date of its dissolution.
(4) For purposes of this chapter, "dissolved corporation" means a corporation whose dissolution has been approved in accordance with RCW 23B.14.010 or 23B.14.020 and whose articles of dissolution have become effective, and includes any trust or other successor entity to which the remaining assets of such a corporation are transferred subject to its liabilities for purposes of liquidation in accordance with RCW 23B.14.050.
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