Chapter 23B.14 RCW



23B.14.010Dissolution by initial directors, incorporators, or board of directors.
23B.14.020Dissolution by board of directors and shareholders.
23B.14.030Articles of dissolutionPublication of notice.
23B.14.040Revocation of dissolution.
23B.14.050Effect of dissolution.
23B.14.060Known claims against a dissolved corporation.
23B.14.065Form and adequacy of satisfaction of claimsApplication to and determination by court.
23B.14.070Holder of an unpaid claimProceeding against dissolved corporation to collect amount of claim.
23B.14.200Administrative dissolutionGrounds.
23B.14.220Reinstatement following administrative dissolutionApplication.
23B.14.300Judicial dissolutionGrounds.
23B.14.310Judicial dissolution or supervision of voluntary dissolutionProcedure.
23B.14.320General or custodial receivership.
23B.14.330Decree of dissolutionOther orders, decrees, and injunctionsRevenue clearance certificate.
23B.14.340Survival of remedy after dissolution.
23B.14.390Secretary of stateList of corporations dissolved.
23B.14.392Certificate of authority as insurance companyFiling of records.
23B.14.394Certificate of authority from department of financial institutionsFiling of records.
23B.14.400Deposit with state treasurer.