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Shareholder authorized indemnification and advancement of expenses.

(1) If authorized by the articles of incorporation, a bylaw adopted or ratified by the shareholders, or a resolution adopted or ratified, before or after the event, by the shareholders, a corporation shall have power to indemnify or agree to indemnify a director made a party to a proceeding, or obligate itself to advance or reimburse expenses incurred in a proceeding, without regard to the limitations in RCW 23B.08.510 through 23B.08.550, provided that no such indemnity shall indemnify any director from or on account of:
(a) Acts or omissions of the director finally adjudged to be intentional misconduct or a knowing violation of law;
(b) Conduct of the director finally adjudged to be in violation of RCW 23B.08.310; or
(c) Any transaction with respect to which it was finally adjudged that such director personally received a benefit in money, property, or services to which the director was not legally entitled.
(2) Unless the articles of incorporation, or a bylaw or resolution adopted or ratified by the shareholders, provide otherwise, any determination as to any indemnity or advance of expenses under subsection (1) of this section shall be made in accordance with RCW 23B.08.550.
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