Chapter 23B.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 23B.08.010Requirement for and duties of board of directors.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.020Qualifications of directors.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.030Number and election of directors.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.040Election of directors by certain classes or series of shares.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.050Terms of directorsGenerally.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.060Staggered terms for directors.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.070Resignation of directors.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.080Removal of directors by shareholders.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.090Removal of directors by judicial proceeding.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.100Vacancy on board of directors.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.110Compensation of directors.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.120Gender-diverse board of directorsBoard diversity discussion and analysisRemedy for failure to comply.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.200Regular or special meetings of the board.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.210Corporate action without meeting.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.220Notice of meeting.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.230Waiver of notice.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.240Quorum and voting.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.245Corporate actionVote of shareholders.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.250Committees.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.300General standards for directors.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.310Liability for unlawful distributions.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.320Limitation on liability of directors.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.400Officers.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.410Duties of officers.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.420Standards of conduct for officers.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.430Resignation and removal of officers.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.440Contract rights of officers.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.500Indemnification definitions.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.510Authority to indemnify.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.520Mandatory indemnification.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.530Advance for expenses.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.540Court-ordered indemnification.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.550Determination and authorization of indemnification.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.560Shareholder authorized indemnification and advancement of expenses.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.570Indemnification of officers, employees, and agents.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.580Insurance.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.590Validity of indemnification or advance for expenses.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.600Report to shareholders.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.603Indemnification or advance for expensesLater amendment or repeal of subject provision.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.700Definitions.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.710Judicial action.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.720Directors' action.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.730Shareholders' action.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.735Pursuit of business opportunitiesDuty to corporation.
HTMLPDF 23B.08.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.