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(1) The right of a member to vote may be limited, enlarged, or denied to the extent specified in the articles of incorporation or bylaws. Unless so limited, enlarged, or denied, each member shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of members. The bylaws may allow subscribers to vote as members if one-fifth of the subscription for the membership fee or capital stock has been paid.
(2) A member may vote in person or, unless the articles of incorporation or the bylaws otherwise provide, may vote by mail, by electronic transmission, or by proxy executed in writing by the member or by a duly authorized attorney-in-fact. No proxy shall be valid for more than 11 months from the date of its execution unless otherwise specified in the proxy. Votes by mail or by proxy shall be made by mail ballot or proxy form prepared and distributed by the association in accordance with procedures set forth in the articles of incorporation or bylaws. Persons voting by mail or by electronic transmission shall be deemed present for all purposes of quorum, count of votes, and percentage voting of total voting power.
(3) If the articles of incorporation or bylaws provide for more or less than one vote per member on any matter, every reference in this chapter to a majority or other proportion of members shall refer to such a majority or other proportion of votes entitled to be cast by members.


Legislative finding1989 c 307: See note following RCW 23.86.007.
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