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Chapter 18.22 RCW



HTMLPDF 18.22.003Regulation of health care professionsCriteria.
HTMLPDF 18.22.005Legislative findingPurpose.
HTMLPDF 18.22.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.22.013Podiatric medical boardMembership.
HTMLPDF 18.22.014BoardOfficersMembers' compensation and travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 18.22.015BoardDutiesRules.
HTMLPDF 18.22.018Application of uniform disciplinary act.
HTMLPDF 18.22.021License required.
HTMLPDF 18.22.025License required to practice podiatric medicine and surgery.
HTMLPDF 18.22.035Practice of podiatric medicine and surgeryQualityDefinitionPrescriptionsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 18.22.040ApplicantsFeeEligibility.
HTMLPDF 18.22.045Postgraduate training license.
HTMLPDF 18.22.060ExaminationDate, location, and applicationReexamination.
HTMLPDF 18.22.082LicenseReciprocity.
HTMLPDF 18.22.083LicenseExamination to determine professional qualifications.
HTMLPDF 18.22.110LicenseDisplay.
HTMLPDF 18.22.120License renewal.
HTMLPDF 18.22.125LicenseInactive status.
HTMLPDF 18.22.191Rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 18.22.210Unlawful practiceEvidence of.
HTMLPDF 18.22.220ViolationsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 18.22.230Exemptions.
HTMLPDF 18.22.240Pain management rulesRepealAdoption of new rules.
HTMLPDF 18.22.250Podiatric physician health programLicense surcharge.
HTMLPDF 18.22.800Opioid drug prescribing rulesAdoption.
HTMLPDF 18.22.810Opioid drugsRight to refuse.
HTMLPDF 18.22.950Short title.


Actions for negligence against, evidence and proof required to prevail: RCW 4.24.290.
Health professions accountFees creditedRequirements for biennial budget requestUnappropriated funds: RCW 43.70.320.
Rebating by practitioners of healing professions prohibited: Chapter 19.68 RCW.