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Dissolution, invalidation, or termination of marriage or domestic partnership.

(1) If, after making a will, the testator's marriage or domestic partnership is dissolved, invalidated, or terminated, all provisions in the will in favor of or granting any interest or power to the testator's former spouse or former domestic partner are revoked, unless the will expressly provides otherwise. Provisions affected by this section must be interpreted, and property affected passes, as if the former spouse or former domestic partner failed to survive the testator, having died at the time of entry of the decree of dissolution or declaration of invalidity. Provisions revoked by this section are revived by the testator's remarriage to the former spouse or reregistration of the domestic partnership with the former domestic partner. Revocation of certain nonprobate transfers is provided under RCW 11.07.010.
(2) This section is remedial in nature and applies to decrees of dissolution and declarations of invalidity entered before, on, or after January 1, 1995.


Part headings not lawSeverability2008 c 6: See RCW 26.60.900 and 26.60.901.
Effective dates1994 c 221: See note following RCW 11.100.035.
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