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The 1970s
Newspaper Articles

1971: No Compromise
The Seattle Times, December 18, 1970. "When one man's vote is worth more than another's—Legislature again faces touch chore of redistricting."
The Seattle Times, September 8, 1971. Richard W. Larsen, "Court orders Legislature to redistrict by February 25."

1972: the Master at Work
Seattle Times, February 21, 1972. Lyle Burt, "The case of the missing solon"
Seattle Times, April 21, 1972. "New Voting Districts OK'd"
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 11, 1972. Shelby Scates, "Court Upholds Redistricting."
Seattle Times, November 10, 1972. "Beaten State GOP asks, ‘What Happened?'"
Seattle Times, March 18, 1973. Shelby Gilje, "State's redistricter knew his geography."

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