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PDFWAC 296-79-270

Pulpwood preparation.

(1) Barker feeding devices must be designed in such a manner that the operator will not be required to hold or make any physical contact with any log or bolt during the barking operations.
(2) A dog or locking device in addition to the motor switch, clutch, belt shifter or other power disconnecting device must be installed on all intermittent barking drums to prevent the drum from moving while it is being filled or emptied.
(3) Hydraulic barkers.
(a) The inlet and outlet areas of hydraulic barkers must be equipped with baffles or devices that will reasonably prevent material from flying out while the machine is in operation.
(b) The operator must be protected by at least five-ply laminated glass or material of equivalent strength.
(4) The high pressure hoses of hydraulic barkers must be secured in such a manner that the hose connection ends will be restrained if a hose connection fails.
(5) The feed operator's station must not be in direct line with the chipper blades. Suitable safeguards must be installed to prevent chips or chunks from being thrown out and striking the person feeding the machine.
(6) When the operator cannot readily observe the material being fed into the chipper, a mirror or other device must be installed in such a position that the ingoing material can be monitored.
(7) Metal bars or other nonchippable devices must not be used to clear jams or plug-up at the feed entrance to a chipper or hog while the machine is running.
(8) Water wheel speed governor.
(a) Water wheels, when directly connected to marker disks or grinders, must be provided with speed governors, if operated with gate wide open; and
(b) Water wheels directly connected to pulp grinders must be provided with speed governors limiting the peripheral speed of the grinder to that recommended by the manufacturer.
(9) Knot cleaners of the woodpecker type.
(a) The operators of knot cleaners of the woodpecker type must wear eye protection equipment; and
(b) Such knot cleaners should be enclosed to protect passersby from flying chips.
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