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PDFWAC 296-79-260

Pulpwood storage and handling.

(1) Piling of logs.
(a) Logs must be piled or removed in an orderly manner;
(b) The piles must be stable and individual logs properly placed to prevent them from rolling or falling;
(c) The ends must not project into walkways, roadways or areas reserved for other purposes; and
(d) Sufficient clearance must be maintained for safe travel of all vehicles and loads.
(2) Wire rope doglines used for towing or rafting must not be used when:
(a) They acquire jaggers to the extent that they present a hazard to the employees handling them; or
(b) They are weakened to the extent that they are hazardous.
(3) Boom sticks must be capable of safely supporting the weight imposed upon them.
(4) Stiff booms must be:
(a) Made by fastening not less than two boom sticks together;
(b) Not less than 36 inches in width measured from outside to outside of the outer logs; and
(c) Fastened together with not less than 4 inch by 6 inch cross ties or cable lashing properly recessed into notches in the boom sticks and secured.
(5) Pike poles must be kept in good repair. Conductive pike poles must not be used when it is possible that they may come in contact with electrical conductors.
(6) Logs must not be lifted over employees and employees must stay clear of the hazardous area near where logs are being lifted or swung.
(7) Storing or sorting on water or any boom work other than boom boat operations, must require a minimum of two persons.
(8) All mobile equipment used to handle logs, blocks or cants must be provided with adequate overhead protection.
(9) Unloading lines must be so arranged that it is not necessary for the worker to attach them on the pond or dump side of the load.
(10) Unauthorized vehicles and unauthorized foot traffic must not be allowed in any active sorting, storing, loading, or unloading areas.
(11) Log unloaders must not be moved about the premises with loads raised higher than absolutely necessary.
(12) Jackets or vests of fluorescent or other high visibility material must be worn by persons working on dry land log storage.
(13) All log dumps must be periodically cleared of bark and other debris.
(14) Handles of wood hooks must be locked to the shank to prevent them from rotating.
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