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PDFWAC 296-307-18509

Guarding radial arm saws.

(1) The employer must ensure that the upper hood completely encloses the upper portion of the blade, including the end of the saw arbor. The upper hood must be constructed to protect the operator from flying material, and to deflect sawdust. The sides of the lower exposed portion of the blade must be guarded to the full diameter of the blade by a device that will automatically adjust itself to the thickness of the stock and remain in contact with stock. The employer may use an alternative lower blade guard if it provides equivalent protection.
(2) The employer must provide an adjustable stop to prevent the forward travel of the blade beyond the position necessary to complete the cut.
(3) The employer must equip a radial arm-saw with a mechanism to return the saw and keep it in position at the back of the table or behind the rip fence.
For example: The employer may use a counter-weight or a saw retractor device, or tilt the front of the radial arm saw unit up enough to maintain the blade at the back of the table or behind the rip fence when the pull handle is released by the operator.
(4) The employer must ensure that ripping and ploughing are permitted only against the direction in which the saw turns. Mark the direction of the saw rotation on the hood, and attach a permanent warning sign to the rear of the guard that prohibits ripping or ploughing from that position. (Where the blade teeth exit the upper hood when set up for ripping would be the rear of the saw in this case.) Each radial arm saw used for ripping must be provided with antikickback fingers or dogs to prevent the saw from throwing the material or stock back at the operator.
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