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PDFWAC 296-307-18512

Guarding table saws.

(1) The employer must ensure that each circular blade table saw used for ripping or crosscutting is guarded by a standard hood that covers the saw blade above the material completely at all times during the cut. The hood must adjust itself automatically to the thickness of, and must remain in contact with, the material being cut.
When finished surfaces of stock may be marred by the guard, it may be raised slightly to avoid contact. The hood must be designed to protect the operator from flying material.
(2) The employer must ensure that any table saw used for ripping has antikickback fingers or dogs and a spreader.
(3) While used for rabbeting, ploughing, grooving or dadoing a table saw may be used without an antikickback device and a spreader. Upon completion, the antikickback device and spreader must be replaced immediately.
(4) The employer must ensure that the part of the table saw that is beneath the table is fully guarded to prevent employee contact with the portion of the blade below the table.
(5) Power transmission components of table saws must be guarded according to WAC 296-307-280.
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