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PDFWAC 479-14-431

Award criteria for the sidewalk program.

The board establishes the following criteria for use in evaluating sidewalk program grant applications for both urban and small city sidewalk projects:
(1) Safety improvement - Projects that address hazard mitigation and accident reduction.
(2) Pedestrian access - Projects that improve or provide access to facilities including:
(a) Schools;
(b) Public buildings;
(c) Central business districts;
(d) Medical facilities;
(e) Activity centers;
(f) High density housing (including senior housing);
(g) Transit facilities;
(3) Completes or extends existing sidewalks.
(4) Completes or extends sidewalks to facilities listed in subsection (2) of this section that are identified in local agency latecomer agreements. The local agency must agree to collect the latecomer fee at the time of development and place the fee in its transportation improvement program.
(5) Local support - Addresses local needs and is supported by the local community.
(6) Sustainability -  Right sizing sidewalk or shared use path width and material type, provides hardscaping and native plantings, addresses low impact development or natural drainage practices.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.26 RCW. WSR 18-08-068, § 479-14-431, filed 4/2/18, effective 5/3/18; WSR 12-08-060, § 479-14-431, filed 4/3/12, effective 5/4/12.]
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