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Chapter 479-14 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF479-14-005Purpose and authority.
HTMLPDF479-14-006Previously funded projects.
HTMLPDF479-14-011Programs funded from the transportation improvement account.
HTMLPDF479-14-111Who is eligible to receive urban program funding.
HTMLPDF479-14-121What projects are eligible for urban program funding.
HTMLPDF479-14-131Award criteria for the urban program.
HTMLPDF479-14-141Regions of the urban program.
HTMLPDF479-14-151Funding distribution formula for the urban program.
HTMLPDF479-14-161Matching requirement for the urban program.
HTMLPDF479-14-200Sidewalk deviation authorities for the urban and small city arterial programs.
HTMLPDF479-14-211Who is eligible to receive small city arterial program funding.
HTMLPDF479-14-215Small city match funding allocation.
HTMLPDF479-14-221What projects are eligible for small city arterial program funding.
HTMLPDF479-14-223When is a sidewalk required for the small city arterial program.
HTMLPDF479-14-225What is eligible on state highways under the small city arterial program?
HTMLPDF479-14-231Award criteria for the small city arterial program.
HTMLPDF479-14-241Regions of the small city arterial program.
HTMLPDF479-14-251Funding distribution formula for the small city arterial program.
HTMLPDF479-14-261Matching requirement for the small city arterial program.
HTMLPDF479-14-270Small city federal match funding eligibility and application.
HTMLPDF479-14-271Restriction on use of small city federal match funding.
HTMLPDF479-14-273If small city federal match funding is fully allocated.
HTMLPDF479-14-274Small city match funding increases.
HTMLPDF479-14-402Sidewalk program subprograms.
HTMLPDF479-14-411Who is eligible to receive sidewalk program funding.
HTMLPDF479-14-421What projects are eligible for sidewalk program funding.
HTMLPDF479-14-431Award criteria for the sidewalk program.
HTMLPDF479-14-441Regions of the sidewalk program.
HTMLPDF479-14-451Distribution formula for the sidewalk program.
HTMLPDF479-14-461Matching requirement for the sidewalk program.
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