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Chapter 458-20 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF458-20-100Informal administrative reviews.
HTMLPDF458-20-10001Adjudicative proceedingsBrief adjudicative proceedingsCertificate of registration (tax registration endorsement) revocation.
HTMLPDF458-20-10002Adjudicative proceedingsFormal adjudicative proceedings—Log export enforcement actions pursuant to chapter 240-15 WACOrders to county officials issued to pursuant to RCW 84.08.120 and 84.41.120Converted brief adjudicative proceedings.
HTMLPDF458-20-10003Brief adjudicative proceedings for matters related to suspension, nonrenewal, and nonissuance of licenses to sell spirits.
HTMLPDF458-20-10004Brief adjudicative proceedings for matters related to assessments and warrants for unpaid fees issued under chapter 59.30 RCW for manufactured and mobile home communities.
HTMLPDF458-20-10005Written determinations as precedentsCriteria for publication.
HTMLPDF458-20-101Tax registration and tax reporting.
HTMLPDF458-20-102Reseller permits.
HTMLPDF458-20-10201Application process and eligibility requirements for reseller permits.
HTMLPDF458-20-10202Brief adjudicative proceedings for matters related to reseller permits.
HTMLPDF458-20-102AResale certificates.
HTMLPDF458-20-103Gift certificatesSale deemed to occur and retail sales tax collected at time of redemption.
HTMLPDF458-20-104Small business tax relief based on income of business.
HTMLPDF458-20-105Employees distinguished from persons engaging in and operating a business.
HTMLPDF458-20-106Casual or isolated salesBusiness reorganizations.
HTMLPDF458-20-107Requirement to separately state sales taxAdvertised prices including sales tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-108Selling priceCredit card service fees, foreign currency, discounts, patronage dividends.
HTMLPDF458-20-109Finance charges, carrying charges, interest, penalties.
HTMLPDF458-20-110Delivery charges.
HTMLPDF458-20-111Advances and reimbursements.
HTMLPDF458-20-112Value of products.
HTMLPDF458-20-113Ingredients or components, chemicals used in processing new articles for sale.
HTMLPDF458-20-115Sales of packing materials and containers.
HTMLPDF458-20-116Sales and/or use of labels, name plates, tags, premiums, and advertising material.
HTMLPDF458-20-117Sales and/or use of dunnage.
HTMLPDF458-20-118Sale or rental of real estate, license to use real estate.
HTMLPDF458-20-119Sales by caterers and food service contractors.
HTMLPDF458-20-120Sales of ice.
HTMLPDF458-20-121Sales of heat or steamIncluding production by cogeneration.
HTMLPDF458-20-124Restaurants, cocktail bars, taverns and similar businesses.
HTMLPDF458-20-12401Special stadium sales and use tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-126Sales of motor vehicle fuel, special fuel, and nonpolluting fuel.
HTMLPDF458-20-127Sales of newspapers, magazines and periodicals.
HTMLPDF458-20-128Real estate brokers and salesmen.
HTMLPDF458-20-129Gasoline service stations.
HTMLPDF458-20-131Gambling activities.
HTMLPDF458-20-132Automobile dealers/demonstrator and executive vehicles.
HTMLPDF458-20-133Frozen food lockers.
HTMLPDF458-20-134Commercial or industrial use.
HTMLPDF458-20-135Extracting natural products.
HTMLPDF458-20-13501Timber harvest operations.
HTMLPDF458-20-136Manufacturing, processing for hire, fabricating.
HTMLPDF458-20-13601Manufacturers and processors for hireSales and use tax exemptions for machinery and equipment.
HTMLPDF458-20-138Personal services rendered to others.
HTMLPDF458-20-139Trade shopsPrinting plate makers, typesetters, and trade binderies.
HTMLPDF458-20-140Photofinishers and photographers.
HTMLPDF458-20-141Duplicating activities and mailing bureaus.
HTMLPDF458-20-142Photographic equipment and supplies.
HTMLPDF458-20-143Printers and publishers of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals.
HTMLPDF458-20-144Printing industry.
HTMLPDF458-20-145Sourcing retail sales for business and occupation tax and state and local retail sales taxSourcing of use tax for purchasers.
HTMLPDF458-20-146National and state banks, mutual savings banks, savings and loan associations and other financial institutions.
HTMLPDF458-20-14601Financial institutionsIncome apportionment.
HTMLPDF458-20-148Barber and beauty shops.
HTMLPDF458-20-150Optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians.
HTMLPDF458-20-151Dentists, audiologists, and other health care providersDental laboratories and dental technicians.
HTMLPDF458-20-153Funeral establishments.
HTMLPDF458-20-154Cemeteries, crematories, columbaria.
HTMLPDF458-20-15501Taxation of computer systems and hardware.
HTMLPDF458-20-15502Taxation of computer software.
HTMLPDF458-20-15503Digital products.
HTMLPDF458-20-156Abstract, title insurance and escrow businesses.
HTMLPDF458-20-158Florists and nurserymen.
HTMLPDF458-20-159Consignees, bailees, factors, agents and auctioneers.
HTMLPDF458-20-160Agricultural commission agents.
HTMLPDF458-20-162Stockbrokers and security houses.
HTMLPDF458-20-163Insurance companies, including surety companies, fraternal benefit societies, fraternal fire insurance associations, beneficiary corporations or societies and Washington state health insurance pool.
HTMLPDF458-20-164Insurance producers, adjustersTitle insurance agentsSurplus line brokers.
HTMLPDF458-20-165Laundry, dry cleaning, linen and uniform supply, and self-service and coin-operated laundry services.
HTMLPDF458-20-166Hotels, motels, boarding houses, rooming houses, resorts, hostels, trailer camps, short-term rentals and similar lodging businesses.
HTMLPDF458-20-167Educational institutions, school districts, student organizations, and private schools.
HTMLPDF458-20-168Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, and similar health care facilities.
HTMLPDF458-20-169Nonprofit organizations.
HTMLPDF458-20-170Constructing and repairing of new or existing buildings or other structures upon real property.
HTMLPDF458-20-17001Government contractingConstruction, installations, or improvements to government real property.
HTMLPDF458-20-171Building, repairing or improving streets, roads, etc., which are owned by a municipal corporation or political subdivision of the state or by the United States and which are used primarily for foot or vehicular traffic.
HTMLPDF458-20-172Clearing land, moving earth, cleaning, fumigating, razing or moving existing buildings, and janitorial services.
HTMLPDF458-20-173Installing, cleaning, repairing or otherwise altering or improving personal property of consumers.
HTMLPDF458-20-174Sales of motor vehicles, trailers, and parts to motor carriers operating in interstate or foreign commerce.
HTMLPDF458-20-17401Use tax liability for motor vehicles, trailers, and parts used by motor carriers operating in interstate or foreign commerce.
HTMLPDF458-20-175Persons engaged in the business of operating as a private or common carrier by air, rail or water in interstate or foreign commerce.
HTMLPDF458-20-176Commercial deep sea fishingCommercial passenger fishingDiesel fuel.
HTMLPDF458-20-177Sales of motor vehicles, campers, and trailers to nonresident consumers.
HTMLPDF458-20-178Use tax and the use of tangible personal property.
HTMLPDF458-20-17802Collection of use tax by county auditors and department of licensingMeasure of tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-17803Use tax on promotional material.
HTMLPDF458-20-179Public utility tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-17902Brokered natural gasUse tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-180Motor carriers.
HTMLPDF458-20-181Vessels, including log patrols, tugs and barges, operating upon waters in the state of Washington.
HTMLPDF458-20-182Warehouse businesses.
HTMLPDF458-20-183Recreational services and activities.
HTMLPDF458-20-185Tax on tobacco products.
HTMLPDF458-20-186Tax on cigarettes.
HTMLPDF458-20-187Tax responsibility of vending machine owners and operators.
HTMLPDF458-20-18801Medical substances, devices, and supplies for humansDrugs prescribed for human useMedically prescribed oxygenProsthetic devicesMobility enhancing equipmentDurable medical equipment.
HTMLPDF458-20-189Sales to and by the state of Washington and municipal corporations, including counties, cities, towns, school districts, and fire districts.
HTMLPDF458-20-190Sales to and by the United States and certain entities created by the United StatesDoing business on federal reservationsSales to foreign governments.
HTMLPDF458-20-192IndiansIndian country.
HTMLPDF458-20-193Interstate sales of tangible personal property.
HTMLPDF458-20-19301Multiple activities tax credits.
HTMLPDF458-20-193CImports and exportsSales of goods from or to persons in foreign countries.
HTMLPDF458-20-193DTransportation, communication, public utility activities, or other services in interstate or foreign commerce.
HTMLPDF458-20-194Doing business inside and outside the state.
HTMLPDF458-20-19401Minimum nexus thresholds for apportionable activities and selling activities.
HTMLPDF458-20-19402Single factor receipts apportionmentGenerally.
HTMLPDF458-20-19403Apportionable royalty receipts attribution.
HTMLPDF458-20-19404Financial institutionsIncome apportionment.
HTMLPDF458-20-19404AFinancial institutionsIncome apportionment.
HTMLPDF458-20-195Taxes, deductibility.
HTMLPDF458-20-196Bad debts.
HTMLPDF458-20-197When tax liability arises.
HTMLPDF458-20-198Installment sales, method of reporting.
HTMLPDF458-20-199Accounting methods.
HTMLPDF458-20-200Leased departments.
HTMLPDF458-20-201Interdepartmental charges.
HTMLPDF458-20-202Pool purchases.
HTMLPDF458-20-203Corporations, Massachusetts trusts.
HTMLPDF458-20-204Outdoor advertising and advertising display services.
HTMLPDF458-20-205Sales of utility services by building companies.
HTMLPDF458-20-207Legal, arbitration, and mediation services.
HTMLPDF458-20-208Exemptions for wholesale sales of new motor vehicles between new car dealers and for accommodation sales.
HTMLPDF458-20-209Farming for hire and horticultural services performed for farmers.
HTMLPDF458-20-210Sales of tangible personal property for farmingSales of agricultural products by farmers.
HTMLPDF458-20-211Leases or rentals of tangible personal property, bailments.
HTMLPDF458-20-214Cooperative marketing associations and independent dealers acting as agents of others with respect to the sale of fruit and produce.
HTMLPDF458-20-216Successors, quitting business.
HTMLPDF458-20-217Lien for taxes.
HTMLPDF458-20-21701Enhanced collection tools.
HTMLPDF458-20-218Advertising agencies.
HTMLPDF458-20-221Collection of use tax by retailers and selling agents.
HTMLPDF458-20-223Persons performing contracts on the basis of time and material, or cost-plus-fixed-fee.
HTMLPDF458-20-224Service and other business activities.
HTMLPDF458-20-226Landscape and horticultural services.
HTMLPDF458-20-227Subscriber television services.
HTMLPDF458-20-228Returns, payments, penalties, extensions, interest, stays of collection.
HTMLPDF458-20-22801Tax reporting frequency.
HTMLPDF458-20-22802Electronic filing and payment.
HTMLPDF458-20-230Statutory limitations on assessments.
HTMLPDF458-20-233Tax liability of medical and hospital service bureaus and associations and similar health care organizations.
HTMLPDF458-20-235Effect of rate changes on prior contracts and sales agreements.
HTMLPDF458-20-238Sales of watercraft to nonresidentsUse of watercraft in Washington by nonresidents.
HTMLPDF458-20-23801Watercraft excise taxWatercraft depreciation schedule.
HTMLPDF458-20-239Sales to nonresidents of farm machinery or implements, and related services.
HTMLPDF458-20-240Manufacturer's new employee tax creditsApplications filed after June 30, 2010.
HTMLPDF458-20-24001Sales and use tax deferralManufacturing and research/development activities in high unemployment countiesApplications filed after June 30, 2010.
HTMLPDF458-20-24001ASales and use tax deferralManufacturing and research/development activities in rural countiesApplications filed prior to July 1, 2010.
HTMLPDF458-20-24003Tax incentives for high technology businesses.
HTMLPDF458-20-240AManufacturer's new employee tax creditsApplications filed prior to July 1, 2010.
HTMLPDF458-20-241Radio and television broadcasting.
HTMLPDF458-20-242APollution control exemption and/or credits for single purpose facilities added to existing production plants to meet pollution control requirements and which are separately identifiable equipment principally for pollution control.
HTMLPDF458-20-242BPollution control exemption and/or credits for dual purpose facilities which are constructed to meet pollution control requirements and which achieve pollution control in the process of production of the plant's products.
HTMLPDF458-20-243Litter tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-244Food and food ingredients.
HTMLPDF458-20-245Taxation of competitive telephone service, telecommunications service, and ancillary service.
HTMLPDF458-20-246Sales to or through a direct seller's representative.
HTMLPDF458-20-247Trade-ins, selling price, sellers' tax measures.
HTMLPDF458-20-248Sales of precious metal bullion and monetized bullion.
HTMLPDF458-20-249Artistic or cultural organizations.
HTMLPDF458-20-250Solid waste collection tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-251Sewerage collection and other related activities.
HTMLPDF458-20-252Hazardous substance tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-255Carbonated beverage syrup tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-256Trade shows, conventions and seminars.
HTMLPDF458-20-257Tangible personal property warranties and service contracts.
HTMLPDF458-20-258Travel agents and tour operators.
HTMLPDF458-20-260Oil spill response and administration tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-261Commute trip reduction incentives.
HTMLPDF458-20-262Retail sales and use tax exemptions for farmworker housing.
HTMLPDF458-20-263Exemptions from retail sales and use taxes for qualifying electric generating systems using renewable energy sources.
HTMLPDF458-20-264National Uniform Tobacco Settlement.
HTMLPDF458-20-265Sales and use tax exemptionAirplane maintenance repair stations.
HTMLPDF458-20-267Annual tax performance reports for certain tax preferences.
HTMLPDF458-20-267AAnnual reports for certain tax preferences.
HTMLPDF458-20-268Annual surveys for certain tax preferences.
HTMLPDF458-20-269Waiver of public disclosure of certain new tax preferences.
HTMLPDF458-20-270Telephone program excise tax rates.
HTMLPDF458-20-272Tire feeStudded tire feeCore deposits or credits.
HTMLPDF458-20-274Staffing services.
HTMLPDF458-20-277Certified service providerCompensation.
HTMLPDF458-20-27701Model 2 volunteer sellersCompensation.
HTMLPDF458-20-278Returned goods, defective goodsMotor vehicle lemon law.
HTMLPDF458-20-279Clean alternative fuel vehicles and high gas mileage vehicles.
HTMLPDF458-20-27901Clean alternative fuel vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
HTMLPDF458-20-28001Construction joint ventures and similar arrangements described in RCW 82.32.655 (3)(a).
HTMLPDF458-20-28002Disguised income arrangements described in RCW 82.32.655 (3)(b).
HTMLPDF458-20-28003Sales and use tax avoidance arrangements described in RCW 82.32.655 (3)(c).
HTMLPDF458-20-281Petroleum product tax.
HTMLPDF458-20-282Marketplace tax collection and reporting.
HTMLPDF458-20-285Working families tax credit.
HTMLPDF458-20-290Workforce education investment surchargeSelect advanced computing businesses.
HTMLPDF458-20-300Capital gains excise taxOverview and administration.
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