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PDFWAC 392-121-123

Nonstandard school year programs.

A student participating in a program of education occurring during the nonstandard school year on a tuition-free basis may be claimed for state funding to the extent that the student was not claimed as a 1.0 AAFTE during the regular school year (September through June), subject to the following:
(1) Eligible student FTE in a nonstandard school year program shall be claimed based upon the following:
(a) Enrolled hours based upon the standards in WAC 392-121-122 or 392-121-182.
(b) Credit based for student enrolled in a college program under WAC 392-121-188.
(c) A student enrolled in transition school is not eligible for nonstandard school year funding.
(2) A district or charter school shall make month by month evaluation of the student to determine if the following conditions were met during the regular school year:
(a) The student was not home schooled or enrolled in a private school.
(b) The student was not claimed as a 1.0 FTE in a regular or institution education program.
(3) For each month in which the conditions of subsection (2) of this section are met, the district or charter school shall determine the amount of student FTE claimed for the student. To the extent the enrollment claimed is less than 1.0 FTE for each month, the school district or charter school may claim nonstandard school year FTE based upon the student enrollment in the nonstandard school year school program.
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