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PDFWAC 392-121-122

DefinitionFull-time equivalent student.

As used in this chapter, "full-time equivalent student" means each enrolled student in the school district or charter school as of one of the enrollment count dates for at least the minimum number of hours set forth in subsection (1) of this section, inclusive of class periods and normal class change passing time, but exclusive of meal intermissions: Provided, That each hour counted shall contain at least 50 minutes of instruction or supervised study provided by appropriate instructional staff. The purpose of recognizing "50 minute hours" is to provide flexibility to school districts and charter schools which utilize block periods of instruction so long as students are ultimately under the jurisdiction of school staff for the equivalent of 60 minute hours: Provided further, That the hours set forth below shall be construed as annual average hours for the purposes of compliance with this chapter.
(1) The minimum hours for all grades and transition to kindergarten programs are 27 hours and 45 minutes each week (1,665 weekly minutes), or 5 hours and 33 minutes (333 minutes) for each scheduled school day.
(2) Except as limited by WAC 392-121-136, a student enrolled for less than the minimum hours shown in subsection (1) of this section shall be counted as a partial full-time equivalent student. A student's partial full-time equivalent is the student's weekly enrolled minutes divided by 1,665.
(3) The full-time equivalent of a student's running start enrollment pursuant to RCW 28A.600.300 through 28A.600.400 shall be determined pursuant to chapter 392-169 WAC. If a running start student is enrolled both in high school courses provided by the school district or charter school and in running start courses provided by the college, the high school full-time equivalent and the running start full-time equivalent shall be determined separately.
(4) The full-time equivalent of University of Washington transition school students shall be determined pursuant to chapter 392-120 WAC.
(5) The full-time equivalent of a student's alternative learning experience shall be determined pursuant to WAC 392-121-182.
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