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PDFWAC 388-310-0600

WorkFirst—Job search.

(1) What is job search?
Job search is an opportunity to learn and use skills you need to find and keep a job. Job search may include:
(a) Classroom instruction; and/or
(b) Structured job search that helps you find job openings, complete applications, practice interviews and apply other skills and abilities with a job search specialist or a group of fellow job-seekers.
(2) Who provides me with job search?
You get job search from the employment security department or another organization under contract with WorkFirst to provide these services.
(3) How long do I stay in job search?
Periods of job search will start with a review of the work skills assessment portion of your comprehensive evaluation and may last up to twelve continuous weeks. Job search specialists will monitor your progress. By the end of the first four weeks, a job search specialist will determine whether you should continue in job search. Job search will end when:
(a) You find a full-time job; or
(b) You become exempt from WorkFirst requirements (see WAC 388-310-0300); or
(c) Your situation changes and the case manager changes the activities on your IRP to fit your new circumstances (see WAC 388-310-0400); or
(d) After fully participating in job search, and based on your experience in looking for work in the local labor market, it is determined that you need additional skills and/or experience to find a job; or
(e) You have not found a job at the end of the job search period.
(4) What happens at the end of job search if I have not found a job?
At the end of each job search period, you will be referred back to your case manager who will, at a minimum, review and update the DSHS portion of your comprehensive evaluation if you have not found a job. You and your case manager will also modify your individual responsibility plan.
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