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PDFWAC 388-310-0500

WorkFirst—Individual responsibility plan.

(1) What is the purpose of my individual responsibility plan?
The purpose of your individual responsibility plan is to give you a written statement that describes:
(a) What your responsibilities are; and
(b) Which WorkFirst activities you are required to participate in; and
(c) What services you will receive so you are able to participate.
(2) What is included in my individual responsibility plan?
Your individual responsibility plan includes the following:
(a) What WorkFirst activities you must do and the participation requirements for those activities including the amount of time you will spend doing the activities, a start and end date for each activity and the requirement to participate fully.
(b) Any other specific requirements that are tied to the WorkFirst work activity. For example, you might be required to learn English as part of your work experience activity or to provide proof of your employment hours.
(c) What services we will provide to help you participate in the activity. For example, you may require support services (such as help with paying for transportation) or help with paying childcare.
(d) Your statement that you recognize the need to become and remain employed as quickly as possible.
(3) How is my individual responsibility plan developed?
You and your case manager will work together and use information gathered from your comprehensive evaluation (see WAC 388-310-0700) when available to develop your individual responsibility plan and decide what activities will be included in it. Then, your case manager will assign you to specific WorkFirst activities that will help you find employment.
(4) What happens after my individual responsibility plan is completed?
Once your individual responsibility plan is completed:
(a) You will sign and get a copy of your individual responsibility plan.
(b) You and your case manager will review your plan as necessary over the coming months to make sure your plan continues to meet your employment needs. You will sign and get a copy of your individual responsibility plan every time it is reviewed and changed.
(5) What should I do if I cannot go to a required WorkFirst appointment or activity because of a temporary situation outside of my control?
If you cannot participate because of a temporary situation outside of your control, you must call the telephone number shown on your individual responsibility plan on the same day you were to report when possible to explain your situation, or as soon as possible thereafter. You will be given an excused absence. Some examples of excused absences include:
(a) You, your children or other family members are ill;
(b) Your transportation or child care arrangements break down and you cannot make new arrangements in time to comply;
(c) A significant person in your life died; or
(d) A family violence situation arose or worsened.
(6) What happens if I don't call in on the same day I am unable to attend to get an excused absence?
If you do not call in on the same day you are unable to attend when possible, or as soon as possible thereafter, to get an excused absence, it will be considered an unexcused absence.
If you exceed the number of unexcused absences allowed on your individual responsibility plan, without good cause, your case manager will begin the sanction process. (See WAC 388-310-1600 for more details.)
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