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PDFWAC 363-11-240

Depositions and interrogatories—Scope.

Unless otherwise ordered, the deponent may be examined regarding any matter not privileged, which is relevant to the subject matter involved in the proceeding. Depositions shall not exceed four hours, including breaks, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties, or unless otherwise ordered by the presiding officer based upon a motion by the party seeking the deposition demonstrating good cause why the deposition should exceed four hours.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 88.16 RCW. WSR 12-12-041, § 363-11-240, filed 5/30/12, effective 6/30/12. WSR 97-08-042, recodified as § 363-11-240, filed 3/28/97, effective 3/28/97; Rule .08.240, effective 3/1/60, filed 3/23/60.]
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