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PDFWAC 363-11-230

Depositions and interrogatories—Right to take.

Except as may be otherwise provided in this chapter, any party may take the testimony of any person, including a party, by deposition upon oral examination or written interrogatories for use as evidence in the proceeding, except that leave must be obtained if notice of the taking is served by a proponent within twenty days after the filing of a complaint. The attendance of witnesses may be compelled by the use of a subpoena. Depositions shall be taken only in accordance with this rule and the rule of subpoenas.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 88.16 RCW. WSR 12-12-041, § 363-11-230, filed 5/30/12, effective 6/30/12. WSR 97-08-042, recodified as § 363-11-230, filed 3/28/97, effective 3/28/97; Rule .08.230, effective 3/1/60, filed 3/23/60.]
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