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WAC 357-26-020

What is the requirement for employers to have a policy and procedure covering reasonable accommodation?

(1) In accordance with the policy statement requirements of WAC 357-25-025, employers must develop and maintain a policy statement on reasonable accommodation.
(2) In accordance with state and federal laws, employers must develop and make readily available a procedure regarding reasonable accommodation of employees with disabilities.
(a) Each employee who requests reasonable accommodation must be provided access to the employer's reasonable accommodation procedure in an accessible format.
(b) Employees who request reasonable accommodation must be notified in writing that in the event he or she cannot be accommodated in his or her current position, and placement in an alternative vacant position is not possible, the appointing authority may initiate a disability separation in accordance with WAC 357-46-160.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.06 RCW. WSR 05-01-196, ยง 357-26-020, filed 12/21/04, effective 7/1/05.]
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