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PDFWAC 332-30-137

Nonwater-dependent uses.

Policy. Nonwater-dependent use of state-owned aquatic lands is a low priority use providing minimal public benefits. Nonwater-dependent uses shall not be permitted to expand or be established in new areas except in exceptional circumstances and when compatible with water-dependent uses existing in or planned for the area. Analysis under this section will be used to determine the terms and conditions of allowable nonwater-dependent use leases. The department will give public notice of sites proposed for nonwater-dependent use leases.
(1) Exceptional circumstances. The following are exceptional circumstances when nonwater-dependent uses may be allowed:
(a) Nonwater-dependent accessory uses to water-dependent uses such as delivery and service parking, lunch rooms, and plant offices.
(b) Mixed water-dependent and nonwater-dependent development. The water-dependent component shall be a major project element. The nonwater-dependent use shall significantly enhance water-dependent uses and/or resources of statewide value.
(c) Nonwater-dependent uses in structures constructed, or on sites filled, prior to June 30, 1985.
(d) Expansion or realignment of essential public nonwater-dependent facilities such as airports, highways and sewage treatment plants where upland topography, economics, or other factors preclude alternative locations.
(e) When acceptable sites and circumstances are identified in adopted local shoreline management master programs which provide for the present and future needs of all uses and resources of statewide value, identify specific areas or situations in which nonwater-dependent uses will be allowed, and justify the exceptional nature of those areas or situations.
(2) Compatibility with water-dependent uses. Nonwater-dependent uses will only be allowed when they are compatible with water-dependent uses existing in or planned for the area. Evaluation of compatibility will consider the following:
(a) Current and future demands for the site by water-dependent uses.
(b) The effect on the usefulness of adjacent areas for water-dependent uses.
(c) The probability of attracting additional water-dependent or nonwater-dependent uses.
(d) Subsidies offered to water-dependent uses.
(3) Evaluation. Proposed nonwater-dependent uses will be evaluated individually. Applicants must demonstrate the proposed nonwater-dependent uses are consistent with subsections (1) and (2) of this section and any other applicable provisions of this chapter.
(4) Re-leases. Re-leases of nonwater-dependent uses will be evaluated as new uses. If continuance of the nonwater-dependent use substantially conflicts with uses or resources of statewide value or with shoreline master program planning or supplemental planning developed under WAC 332-30-107(5), or if the site is needed by a use of statewide value, the re-lease will not be approved.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.90.105, 79.90.300, 79.90.455, 79.90.460, 79.90.470, 79.90.475, 79.90.520, 79.68.010, 79.68.68 [79.68.080], and chapter 79.93 RCW. WSR 85-22-066 (Resolution No. 500), ยง 332-30-137, filed 11/5/85.]
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