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PDFWAC 332-30-109

Harbor area.

(1) Harbor areas shall be reserved for landings, wharves, streets and other conveniences of navigation and commerce.
(2) Water dependent commerce shall be given preference over other uses of harbor areas.
(3) Every consideration shall be given to meeting the expanding need for navigation and water dependent commerce in existing harbor areas.
(4) Several industries using the same harbor area facility shall be given preference over single industry use.
(5) Shallow draft uses, such as barge terminals and marinas, shall be preferred over deep draft uses, in areas requiring extensive maintenance dredging.
(6) Harbor lines may be adjusted, when authorized by the legislature, to provide reasonable opportunity to meet the present and future needs of commerce and navigation.
(7) In harbor areas where no current constitutional use (navigation and commerce) is called for or practical and other uses are in demand, interim uses may be authorized by the board of natural resources if in the public interest.
(8) The department will, where in the public interest, promote the conversion of existing nonconforming uses to conforming uses by assisting if possible, such users in resiting their operations and by withdrawing renewal options on affected state harbor area leases.
(9) The department will promote full development of all existing suitable harbor areas for use by water dependent commerce.
(10) Abandoned structures determined to be unsightly or unsafe by the department shall be removed from harbor areas by the owner of the structures upon demand by the department or by the department in which case the owner will be assessed the costs of such removal.
(11) Floating houses are not permitted in harbor areas.
(12) Resource management cost account portion of the revenue from leasing of harbor areas shall be used to reduce the general tax burden and for aquatic land management programs that are of benefit to the public.
(13) Harbor areas will be managed to produce revenue for the public unless withdrawn as a public place.
(14) Harbor area lease renewal applications must be returned to the department within sixty days of expiration of prior lease term. If not timely returned, the harbor area involved will be put up for public auction.
(15) The department will encourage local government, state and federal agencies to cooperate in planning for the following statewide harbor management needs:
(a) Reserve adequate and appropriate space within the jurisdiction to serve foreseeable navigation and commerce development needs.
(b) Coordinate plans for aquatic land and upland development so that areas reserved for navigation and commerce will be usable in the future.
(c) Identify areas where interim uses may be allowed.
(d) Identify needed changes in harbor lines.
(e) Minimize the environmental impacts of navigation and commerce development.
(f) Prevent existing and future interim uses in harbor areas from lowering the suitability of harbor areas for navigation and commerce development.
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