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PDFWAC 314-24-265

Defining wine of a winery's own production.

A domestic winery holding a valid license in both Washington and Oregon may market and distribute wine produced in Oregon utilizing their Washington winery license as the premises for transactions if the following conditions are met:
(1) The licensee must request approval from the WSLCB to market and retail their Oregon wine at their Washington winery premises. Approval will be granted based on the documentation that demonstrates compliance with this regulation.
(2) The licensee must demonstrate a valid Oregon winery license and that the underlying ownership of the Oregon winery license is identical to the Washington winery license.
(3) Both the Washington and Oregon wineries must manufacture wine within the same TTB authorized appellation. Only wine from cross border appellations will be approved.
(4) Oregon wine to be marketed and/or sold in Washington must have the appropriate taxes paid (RCW 66.24.210).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.24.170, 66.24.640, 66.24.695, and 66.08.030. WSR 18-02-006, § 314-24-265, filed 12/20/17, effective 1/20/18.]
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