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Chapter 314-24 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF314-24-003Standards of identity for wine.
HTMLPDF314-24-006Substandard wines prohibited.
HTMLPDF314-24-008Application procedure for domestic wineries.
HTMLPDF314-24-040Wine labels—Federal certificate of label approval required—Labels to be submitted.
HTMLPDF314-24-050Alcoholic content.
HTMLPDF314-24-060Quality standards.
HTMLPDF314-24-070Domestic wineries—Purchase and use of bulk wines, brandy or wine spirits—Import permit required—Records—Wine returned to Washington.
HTMLPDF314-24-080Containers—Sizes and types permitted.
HTMLPDF314-24-090Wine labels.
HTMLPDF314-24-100Domestic wineries—Responsibility for fruits used—Records.
HTMLPDF314-24-105Application procedure—Wine distributor's or importer's license.
HTMLPDF314-24-107Winery warehouse license.
HTMLPDF314-24-115Wine importers—Requirements.
HTMLPDF314-24-117Wine certificate of approval.
HTMLPDF314-24-120Importation of foreign wine—United States wineries—Reports—Records.
HTMLPDF314-24-130Case lot sales.
HTMLPDF314-24-140Sales to vessels.
HTMLPDF314-24-150Wine records—Preservation.
HTMLPDF314-24-160Domestic wineries—Retail sales of wine on winery premises—Wine served without charge on premises—Spirit, beer and wine restaurant operation.
HTMLPDF314-24-161Domestic winery—Additional locations for retail sales only.
HTMLPDF314-24-163Domestic winery endorsement for on-premises consumption of beer.
HTMLPDF314-24-175Farmer's market beer and wine sampling.
HTMLPDF314-24-180Wine distributors, wine importers—Certain rights granted.
HTMLPDF314-24-190Wine suppliers and distributors.
HTMLPDF314-24-210Return of wine by retailer—Replacement—Conditions.
HTMLPDF314-24-220Licensing and operation of bonded wine warehouses.
HTMLPDF314-24-231What is a wine shipper's permit and who may hold this permit?
HTMLPDF314-24-232What is the cost of a wine shipper's permit?
HTMLPDF314-24-245Domestic wineries at special occasion licensed events.
HTMLPDF314-24-265Defining wine of a winery's own production.
HTMLPDF314-24-270Local wine industry association license.
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