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PDFWAC 314-24-115

Wine importers—Requirements.

(1) Principal office: Each wine importer shall keep the board informed at all times of the location of the principal office required by the Washington State Liquor Act and shall, not less than thirty days prior thereto notify the board in writing of any change in the location of such office.
(2) Warehouses: Wine importers maintaining warehouses at which wine imported by such importer is stored shall have the location approved by the board.
(3) Certain duties: No wine importer shall import or transport or cause to be transported into the state of Washington any brand of wine manufactured within the United States but outside the state of Washington, unless such importer shall have first filed with the board a notice of his intention so to do, and shall have ascertained from the board that the winery manufacturing such wine has obtained from the Washington state liquor control board a certificate of approval as provided in the Washington State Liquor Act (section 10, chapter 21, Laws of 1969 ex. sess.).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.24.170, 66.24.640, 66.24.695, and 66.08.030. WSR 18-02-006, § 314-24-115, filed 12/20/17, effective 1/20/18; Order 26, § 314-24-115, filed 8/14/73; Order 5, § 314-24-115, filed 8/7/69, effective 9/8/69; Rule 69, filed 6/13/63.]
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