Chapter 296-842 WAC

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296-842-100Scope and application.
296-842-10505Designate a program administrator.
296-842-11005Make sure voluntary use of respirators is safe.
296-842-11010Keep voluntary use program records.
296-842-12005Develop and maintain a written program.
296-842-12010Keep respirator program records.
296-842-13005Select and provide appropriate respirators.
296-842-14005Provide medical evaluations.
296-842-15005Conduct fit testing.
296-842-16005Provide effective training.
296-842-17005Maintain respirators in a clean and reliable condition.
296-842-17010Store respirators properly.
296-842-17015Inspect and repair respirators.
296-842-18005Prevent sealing problems with tight-fitting respirators.
296-842-18010Make sure employees leave the use area before removing respirators.
296-842-19005Provide standby assistance in immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) conditions.
296-842-20005Make sure breathing air and oxygen meet established specifications.
296-842-20010Prevent conditions that could create a hazardous breathing air supply.
296-842-20015Make sure compressors do not create a hazardous breathing air supply.
296-842-21005Keep labels readable on respirator filters, cartridges, and canisters during use.
296-842-22005Use this medical questionnaire for medical evaluations.
296-842-22010Follow these fit-testing procedures for tight-fitting respirators.
296-842-22015Follow procedures established for cleaning and disinfecting respirators.
296-842-22020Follow procedures established for seal checking respirators.
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