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PDFWAC 296-800-16050

Make sure your employees use appropriate eye and face protection.

(1) You must make sure that employees exposed to hazards that could injure their eyes and/or face use appropriate protection. Examples of these hazards include:
(a) Flying particles.
(b) Molten metal.
(c) Liquid chemicals.
(d) Acids or caustic liquids.
(e) Chemical gases or vapors.
(f) Any light that could injure the eyes such as lasers, ultraviolet, or infrared light.
(g) Objects that puncture.
(2) You must make sure employees exposed to hazards from flying objects have eye protection with side protection, such as safety glasses with clip-on or slide-on side shields.
(3) You must make sure eye protection for employees who wear prescription lenses:
(a) Incorporates the prescription into the design of the eye protection; or
(b) Is large enough to be worn over the prescription lenses without disturbing them.
(4) You must make sure PPE used to protect the eyes and face meet the specifics of either the 1989 version, the 1998 revision, or the 2003 version of ANSI Z87.1, American National Standard Practice for Occupational and Education Eye and Face Protection.
(5) Other protective eye and face protection devices may be used if the employer demonstrates that they are at least as effective as those constructed in accordance with one of the above consensus standards.
ANSI is the American National Standards Institute that publishes nationally recognized safety and health requirements. Their address is:
ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
1819 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-293-8020
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