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WAC 296-65-050

Denial, suspension, and revocation of certificates.

(1) The department may deny, suspend, or revoke a certificate for failure of the holder to comply with any requirement of this chapter or any applicable health and safety standards and regulations.
(2) The criteria for decertification for asbestos workers, supervisors, and contractors must include:
(a) Performing work requiring accreditation at a job site without being in physical possession of initial and current accreditation certificates;
(b) Permitting the duplication or use of one's own accreditation certificate by another;
(c) Performing work for which accreditation has not been received; or
(d) Obtaining accreditation from a training provider that does not have approval to offer training for the particular discipline from either EPA or from a state that has a contractor accreditation plan at least as stringent as the EPA MAP.
(3) The following persons are not certified for the purposes of this chapter and their respective certificate(s) must be revoked by the department:
(a) Any person who obtains accreditation through fraudulent representation of training or examination documents;
(b) Any person who obtains training documentation through fraudulent means;
(c) Any person who gains admission to and completes refresher training through fraudulent representation of initial or previous refresher training documentation; or
(d) Any person who obtains accreditation through fraudulent representation of accreditation requirements such as education, training, professional registration, or experience.
(4) Before any certificate may be denied, suspended, or revoked, the holder thereof must be given written notice of the department's intention to do so, mailed by registered mail, return receipt requested, to the holder's last known address. The notice must enumerate the allegations against such holder and must give him or her the opportunity to request a conference before the department. At such conference, the department and the holder must have opportunity to produce witnesses and give testimony.
(5) A denial, suspension, or revocation order may be appealed to the board of industrial insurance appeals within fifteen working days after the denial, suspension, or revocation order is entered. The notice of appeal may be filed with the department or the board of industrial insurance appeals. The board of industrial insurance appeals must hold the hearing in accordance with procedures established in RCW 49.17.140. Any party aggrieved by an order of the board of industrial insurance appeals may obtain superior court review in the manner provided in RCW 49.17.150.
(6) The department may suspend or revoke any certificate issued under this chapter for a period of not less than six months upon the following grounds:
(a) The certificate was obtained through error or fraud; or
(b) The holder thereof is judged to be incompetent to carry out the work for which the certificate was issued.
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